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Rich Enough to Say True Things

My mum and I celebrating her birthday last week.

I have such an interesting mother. The other day her car was stolen.

'When the insurance company ask me if it was locked or not, what shall I say?' she asked me.

'Tell them 'I presume so'. I said.

When they called and asked, she said 'Unlocked'.

'Sorry lady' they said. 'No payout for you'. Just as she knew they would say.

No matter how little my mother has, she is rich enough to say whats true, and be happy with that answer.

In my mind I went through my list of brothers and sisters, and I pretty much know which ones would have said 'Locked', 'Unlocked' or 'I'm not sure'. Then I started with my former housemates. Again, I knew.

Your friends know what you would say.


This evening, I got a message from my mother. The police have found her car, just as I told her they would. Things are missing. A favourite umbrella. The child seat. Books. 1,000 km's. But really, she got everything.

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