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Renewable Energy Source: Trust

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

The kettle is always full. You never waste your energy checking the water level. You pour yourself a drink, and while the kettle is still in your hand it goes to the tap for a refill before being put back in place. All the people of your household do the same.

This trust is so relaxing.

You decide once that your spouse is wonderful, and trust that decision steadfastly. When something happens that you don't like, your fight is over quickly. Fights become enquiries. 'I don't understand. I know you are wonderful, yet this happened. This terrible thing. Lets find out whats going on'. All those costly arguments and gossiping are things you no longer have to do.

This trust is so simplifying.

I learned the teakettle trick from Japanese tea ceremony, and it spread to my communication. Creating environments of trust is what I now do, for myself and others. Much more fun than 'tidying'.

Decide one place for each object in your house, and dependably return it to this place. Because you 'should'? No. Because trusting your system frees you up to go out and do what delights you.

You come to believe you are living in a co-operative universe, and thats wonderful.

Trust is costy to establish, then repays you forever.

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