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Creating the Future: Dress Ups

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

My little niece discovered as stash of dress-up boxes in the 'Cathedral', my storage shed here at Gardenfarm. That led to an auntie-niece afternoon of sewing, re-designing, and now a parody barbie video. I was surprised that suburban children can break out into video-style dance so effortlessly. To see children creating, not consuming always makes me happy. The dress up box of our childhood was a door to another world, and our favourite way for us seven children to spend a rainy day. What's fun is usually good for you, thats the way evolution designed things. We were learning how to get into the world's of other people: posh ladies, astronauts, pirates. That skill alone is something you can build a successful creative life on. It enlarges how you communicate, connect and forgive, and this changes everything.

The Macaulay Children: Supporters of Gay Weddings since 1979

Through dress ups, we learned that you can create the world you want to live in. You don't have to accept what you are doled out in life. You aren't one fixed thing.

My sisters April, Sharon and Katie, all running creative businesses today

Drugs or consumerism are one way to escape the tough things of life. Dress ups can cheer you up to face them head on. There is going to be a certain amount of tedium in achieving anything worthwhile. You may as well do it dressed as Marylin Monroe or Pippi Longstocking.

Here my Canadian volunteer helpers make a day of WWOOF working fun. We can be pirates, heroines.

WWOOFer Marc & Galligher dressed for gardening

Stephanie cooks in my old old North Melbourne household

I have a box of ballgowns that I spend a few days in when its time to do my taxes. It makes it fun, brings focus, and reminds me there is nothing else I have to do, I can take my time graciously till its done.

If you don't have a dress-up box, here is how you could get one.

1. Box.

A lovely old 60's air hostess suitcase is lovely. I have dream towers of clear plastic storage boxes from bunnings, labled and matching and beautiful.

2. Date.

Hold a theme party to get your box started. Easter, Birthday of Mozart, International pirates day will all lead to a focused search.

3. Treasure-hunt

Ask old ladies at church if they have any to trade you for help shopping etc. Build community. Opp shops in neighborhoods rich in old ladies often have nice vintage things. Clothes after 1980's are genearally low in quality and enchantment, keep away.

4. Party

Announce fancy dress street picnics with your neighbours. Real life must now be more thrilling and full of surprises than screen time. Or real life will become screen time. Thats the challenge of our era.

If you watch the 'Gardefarm Barbie girl' video, comment and give my niece Chloe a positive wish for her future. Show her that big world can connect with her, if she is pro-active and creates something. Hint: she is always thinking of inventions to improve things. I think the chance she will be a Permaculture designer is high.

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