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Optimize your Outdoor Office

Working under the apple tree with French intern Julie

Here is where I wrote yesterday's blogpost 'Powered by Elves', and here are my recommendations for your effective outdoor office:

1. Get an Intern or Volunteer assistant. If your work is making the world a better place, and have been doing it long enough, there are an endless supply of beautiful competent people who will want to support you. Especially if your office is lovely like this. Julie was a finance manager back in France. This afternoon she will be creating her own blog on yoga spirit, and harvesting Farmer Bob's garden.

2. Keep the laptop off your lap. Good posture allows for full breath, which leads to full concentration. I've used a stack of my Muji document storage boxes, light and strong. Just the outer covers, the documents are safely in their drawers at home. The extreme flexibility of Muji products is why it has a cult following, and is loved especially by designers, who want a neutral support crew.

3. Get a tray for all the little things you will find you need, so you don't keep running back inside: hanky, hair tie for when its windy, thermos to keep your tea warm and you hydrated.

4. When you want a distraction, do a yoga pose. Then back you go.

I would love to hear your tips for making your outdoor office work for you. Move to the countryside, at least for a year. Life isn't just for cities.

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