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Manifesting a new home: Summer 2018

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

My landlord wants his house back. After all these years of giving it love, it’s time for me to start a new story.

Put on your thinking cap of resourcefulness (I know you have one), and see if you know a house, or convent, or mansion, abandoned kindergarten, or … (let the cap do its work) that is in need of Cecilia-fication.

I enliven it with my treasures. Honey bees, edible gardens, and best of all, special people. Illustrious guests and practical volunteers, who get to marvel at and be good to each other, and make the dreams of the house come true. Then the day comes the house gets returned. Except by now it’s an ecosystem, generative and self-maintaining.

We are currently on the move and looking for a new place that needs us. Think of…

… a lovely eco-grandma with a too-big house, who wants to entrust it to our love and ingenuity, generating good money for her.

… acquaintances that bought an estate but can’t rent it out for what it is worth.

… culture-changing people who got stuck in Sydney for yet another year, when they really should be in Tokyo, Paris or Timor, living their dream.

… someone who might know someone who… (use your cap!)

So, do you know of a house that needs me?

Everyone who comes up with an idea is warmly invited to my current house for afternoon tea and inspiration-packed brainstorming.

Contact me. All leads are welcome.

Some Before & After impressions of my previous homes:

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