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Invisible Infrastructure

Cecilia Macaulay's no-cost clothesline of floating bamboo

There are the things that delight you in life, and there are the support crew that hold up the things that delight you. Lets call the support crew 'Infrastructure'. Water is a delight, gushing out of your shower. The pipes that bring it too you are at their best when they are silent, stealthy and invisible.

The stronger the division between invisible infrastructure and highly visible and available delight in your life, the more dream-like reality becomes.

Types of Invisible infrastructure

Plain Uniform

The candles are white, used every night. We don't see them any more, just an awareness of starry enchantment and softy modulated faces.

The potplants are all uniform earthen material, holding up a forest of harmonious green and flowers.

Transparent and minimal

All storage containers. Now known as 'retrieval' containers, so the elaborate and lovely things inside can be seen when looked for.

Not there any more

The cup with all those pens. The knick-knack bowl in the kitchen. The shopping mall picture frames on your walls.


Yoga at home, same time each day. No gym membership, no commute, no willpower needed. Flowers and incense are the lovely things that help pull you in.

Doors that close themselves gracefully, after a gentle tap in the right direction. No bang, no crash.

It takes years to resist patterns on everything, 'distinctive' shapes, 'handy' objects. But keep practicing. Invisible infrastructure is not about being restrained and plain, but putting the right restraint in the right place, and going lavish with the flowery things, the captivating things that make life enchanting. In a world of things on the prowl for our attention, our energy, we can sally though our home, at least, with not one thing getting in our way.

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