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How to Transform Tedious into Absorbing

‘Find ways to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations’. That was one of the promises of Dr Marc's Extreme Wellness Retreat, here in Bali. I’d had a big day, with no intention of doing more of the laborious, failure-ridden stick-twirling we had been practicing. If I want discomfort to overcome, why don't I get immersed in doing my taxes or something productive? I changed my mind when darkness fell, and I sat watching the other beginners at the dusk beach party. Their faces were lit up in every way, they were getting more skilled and more joyful by the minute. So I did a quick costume change for safety and in I jumped. Practicing without fire was tedious. But with fire I had a new dance partner. My attention focused and the twirling had a life of its own.

Here is the message the fire had for me: Work in partnership. I become energised when I am in action with another 'living' being that responds to my actions or inaction, my expertise or carelessness. Life happens in relationships. Fire is people too. Its alive, responsive, with desires of its own. I've refreshed my to do list for this summer, so the tasks I didn't get around to doing now are either re-framed or deleted, to include others, human or otherwise. We light each other up. Don't do things alone. Add more living, breathing people.

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Valter Filho
Valter Filho
2019年12月10日 in partnership...Great


Cecilia, it is amazing! I love the living fire which is in relationship to us. Love your post in Bali.

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