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Honor your Inner Chicken

Finding a soul-searching chicken in the bedroom, Gardenfarm. Photo by Julie Magnus

Chickens try new horizons. When they fail and get shoo'ed away, are they embarrassed? No, they are indignant, and leave with beak held high, pride intact, and a plan to return again tomorrow. Thats the attitude. Gaze at a chicken, and see what you can learn about working with enthusiasm, overcoming discouragement, and being very very funny.

Julie is keeping a diary of her two weeks internship at Gardenfarm. Here is today's story:

Chicken Comedy Show

by Julie Magus

Yesterday at Gardenfarm was a busy day... I drew my first garden map, I fed the cow family with apples, we had guests for dinner, and I finally decided to publish these posts.

But really, what I want to talk about is only the chickens

What decided me is this beautiful red haired chick gazing at herself in my room’s mirror. She had introduced herself in the girls’ house when no one was watching… So funny. Earlier the same day, I was just walking with 2 empty buckets in my hands, and suddenly all the chickens started following me... they thought I was bringing lunch!

These are just 2 stories, but since I’m here, not a single day has gone by without the chickens making me laugh of lot. 

Sometimes, I think they are stupid: all that time spent digging holes all around the farm…

Sometimes, I think they are smart: they find hidden spots to lay their eggs in the garden… I feel like I’m egg hunting on Easter day.

I definitely think chickens are jokes. Seriously! Real clowns. They’re unlimited inspiration material for theatre.

I have always been very amused by the sound they make and the way they move. A really good chicken imitation can even make me laugh to tears.

I just can’t get tired of them. 

All that is needed is 5 minutes of observation each day and something will happen!


Gardenfarm holds 2 week Permaculture internships. Stay, work on your projects and ours, bliss out on garden-grown food. Learn practical ways to make your natural-life dream a reality. Do you know someone who might love it here? Press 'share', and send them along.

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