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Honor your dwellings with natural hand lettering

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Luxury life of the future will be homes free of the industrial vibe. We will all be tired of things that look born and raised in factories, with their slick packaging, and print all over everything. The post-stuff world is on its way, and the homes people want to live in will be curated with love, handcrafted and resourceful. These days I've been attending Wellness retreats in the beautiful island of Bali. This stair picture is from The Mansion, a sprawling, lovely, slightly tumbledown place where I spent and 'introvert day', while my mates went galavanting. The enthusiasm of this shadowed gold lettering won my heart. Its a lovely balance between putting in love-fulled effort, and being wonky, natural and 'unprofessional'. I also love that the stairs are busy praising the plumeria tree they lead to. We should all admire the people we support.

No print, no packaging

The lolly shop at the Mansion had these naturally-packaged icy poles in the freezer. Just looking at them made my heart melt. Banana leaf bound in natural twine. It will compost back into fruit and flowers, beautifully.

Making the Transition

The dream is, we create a home where commercial print is all replaced with either lively calligraphy or peaceful emptiness. What is good for us is almost always beautiful. Creating such an environment is an epic creative act.

Here are steps to make it happen:


A co-op food store

A class in fonts or calligraphy, online or community collage, or you tube tutorial


A heap of (matching) containers and removable labels.

A favourite font, colours, and drawing tools. I carry a pink permanent marker in my handbag at all times. Sticking to one colour brings brings harmony.

Quotes or poems you want to see more of.


A label-making, sign-writing afternoon tea, and invite friends old and new. Humans are pack creatures, its way too hard to do culture-changing things all by yourself.


Places in your home that got muddled. Pantry and fridge, Garage, and clothes drawers are great places to start. Things then get put back in their homes with so much less willpower from us, as the decision for where it goes is already made.


Before and after photos, and send them to me to admire. I always love hearing about any favourite jars, pens, or storage that works well for people, so we can share our successes

Or for an easy first step, order custom lables, such as these lovely ones from The Label Store



These photos were taken on an introvert afternoon as part of My Bali Retreat Travel. While my mates were all on Alex BreathingCold waterfall excursion, I stayed 'home' and absorbed the thoughtful vibe. Time for being passive and absorbent changes the world too.

Big thank you to the Alex Tsuk, for inviting us to be part of his BreathingCold workshop at the Mansion, and being our wonderful host.

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