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Put people where they do well.

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

'You have Flowers? We would never have known'. Photo by Cecilia

Someone asked me 'What's Social Permaculture?'.

It took me one second to reply. 'Its companion planting, of people. You say 'This guy and this guy would be great together' and then make it happen. You say of another bloke: You'd be great....wayyy over there (far from me)'.

So many people are in situations that don't bring out the best in them. Its painful and wasteful for everyone.

Joy is being where you are wanted and needed. Make that happen for others. Make it happen for yourself. Move jobs, house, families if you need.

Look at this Good-For-Nothing plant:

Shady Palm Garden, Before

Its already at least 4 years old, and only 4 leaves. Lazy, unambitious, unproductive. I was going to toss it out, but my brother gave it a chance, and planted it somewhere sunny. To my amazement, this wimp turned into what we nicknamed 'The Sculpture Plant'. Its the one in the picture above. It flourished, with splendor. It was always a beautiful, hardworking plant, wanding to create value where there was none before. It just wasn't given the opportunity.

People are like that too.

And look at how the garden evolved, once it was gone:

Shady Palm Garden, After. Annandale Share House.

Sometimes the absence of a certain personality allows a whole new culture to emerge.

Story 1

Delight your Enemies

A friend was lamenting how terrible his boss was. My solution was 'Find out your bosses dream job and dream company, and strategically make him look so good that that other company lures him away (from you).

Story 2

The Problem is the Solution.

I've been running share houses for years, choosing the best combinations of people. I generally avoid extroverts. You know where extroverts get their energy from, don't you? Us! One day I found extrovert so cute and wonderful, I knew we had to have her in the house. To manage all that puppy-like sociability, I found another just like her, to move in and be her friend. It worked. Together they were like popcorn popping, all exuberant and happy. I watched them from a quiet distance, pleased with my choice.

Who is missing from the Garden of my life this year? How can I put them in?

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