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Gravity and Levity.

Sophie the writer, practicing levity at Dr Marc's Building event

Things go down. Thats the law of the universe, right? We get old, discouraged, tired, the sparky young cosmos looses interest in sparkling, it all cools down. Any atom can tell you that.

Water, and the way is molecules play together tells a different story, and this is good news.

Levity, lightness, and 'falling up' can happen.

Water, when it gets into a tree, does something poetic and positive. The molecules in the vessels of the tree 'hold hands' in an unbroken line, from roots to the stomata in the leaves at the pinnacle. This top water molecule when it meets the su, its so delighted, it evaporates. You know that feeling right. "Im so excited, I could....evaporate!"

As it does, it and pulls all its mates up a notch. Hundreds of meters are possible. No pump, no electricty needed.

Water doesn't get sucked up trees. It runs up them! The important thing is. Stay with your friends. Don't let things get in between you. Together you can defy gravity, with no extra money, fuel, or outside energy needed.

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