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Give Romance

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Danish Love-card, from over 100 years ago

When I was a teenager, I remember the thrill of getting an anonymous Valentine's day card in the letter box. It gave me days and days of entertainment, wondering who might like me. I never found out. For a few years, I sent Valentine's cards to boys I liked. The cards were anonymous, and the boys were all sorts, from not-very-confident ones, to ones way out of my reach. Teenagers are painfully aware of these things. I'm proud of young me for doing that, adding to the bravery and sparkiness in the world, without causing anyone trouble.

When you travel in a country like Italy, the flirtation is constant, its playful, and it makes life feel luscious. In Western countries, it doesn't happen. We just don't have the skills to do it without being annoying.

Sometimes the blokes at the station say 'Hello young lady, how can I help you'. How generous. I love to hear it, and they know it.

The other day when I was getting off the country train, I had a chance to speak to a young man, a bit disabled. He had been giving me advice on where to get off and other things, making me feel cared for. I had flowers with me, so I gave him one, and he looked happy about it.

'This is for you' is all you have to say, and off you go.

Find a way to bring chivalry and connection to the world, lightly.

Say 'wait' and tie up someone's loose shoelace.

Light a candle when you have company for a meal

Sing someone a few lines of a song.

Join a tango class, and discover that everyone can be enjoyed, and those few minutes of connection are complete in themselves.

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