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Declutter and Re-set your kitchen sink: Live Webinar this Sunday

What's going on in our kitchen sinks mirrors what’s happening in other areas of our life. Making changes to this 'power zone' can impact everything, and that's good news. This Sunday, February 16th I'm holding an online event that is first in a series of practical, inspirational sessions to get you creating a clear, user-friendly home, and life. I don't get invited to enough dinner parties. I've got this theory that once my mates and I have created a culture of approachable, shareable kitchens, all that is going to change.

If you join this event you will:

- Transform chronic kitchen confusion into a clear and orderly home that stays that way, without force or unwilling effort.

- Do sink and pantry decluttering, in real-time, asking Cecilia any questions.

- Learn design principles that are fascinating, fun and stay with you for life.

-Re-think Bill Mollisons design principles: Reduce useless diversity, make families of objects, 'right mess in the right place', and more.

- Learn the power of creating 'families' of objects, and the importance of protecting 'creative void' - the Japanese fifth element, that will re-frame your thinking around empty spaces, making letting go of clutter easy.

Here is the link to join.

This is a 'Giftivisit' event. Pay whatever amount you like. Paying nothing is a perfectly fine option too. The best gift, of course, is to transform your life, get the 'before' and 'after'photos, and then spread the culture by decluttering your mates places.

What do people say about Cecilia's webinars and workshops?

"I'm so excited. After years of not knowing how to organize my things and my home, I suddenly have a set of principles, concepts, and ideas about how to do it. As I start implementing things one by one, I’m experiencing a sense of lightness and ease that I've tried unsuccessfully to attain using "spiritual" methods."

"Bringing permaculture principles into my home using Cecilia's Japanese fusion systems brings clarity, vitality, awareness, and enlightenment!"

"Thank you. I look forward to more consultations. This mere 1/2 hour has been so valuable."

- Monica Wilson, Transition Geelong


Request for allies

Cecilia has endless creative webinar topics she would love to share. Her organizing skills are woeful. If you have skills to help her with editing and producing events, please give her an email and offer to help get it all out neatly to a world that needs it. xx

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