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Create your Sacred Space: declutter webinar this Sunday.

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Napping spot and people to care for, in my former North Melbourne home. Photo: Cecilia Macaulay

I hope you've had some bliss-out time in your introvert spot today. I've just moved to a new home, and I'm experimenting, dragging chairs under the pomegranate tree, putting up folding screens to soften the light, and more. This cat-like dedication to finding quiet-time spots is about to give your life a boost because this Sunday I'm hosting a declutter webinar 'Create a Sacred Space Anywhere in Your Home'

Your sacred space is the enchanting spot in your home. It's where you go to re-create yourself. Maybe it's where you do yoga, write down your thoughts, or sit and go 'Ahh' over a well-earned cup of tea. It's your 'smoko' spot, and much more.

If you are like most people, your sacred space might be hidden under a pile of clutter. It might be made invisible by harsh light or made uninhabitable by noise and interruptions. You may not even know it's there...yet.

The good news is, this can change, in just a few minutes, with the resources you already have. It's been so fun for me, going into people's homes, and making magic happen. They think I'm some kind of elf. Of course, it's not me, it's the techniques I've borrowed from Permaculture and Japanese culture, about getting a few basics right and watching everything else flow into place. Once you learn the patterns of how to bring life to a space, the beauty spreads, the clutter shrinks, and daily life becomes light and alluring. No rules, just patterns. Go with, not against your nature.

This Sunday afternoon I'm re-starting the online declutter series with Design: Turn Any Corner Of Your Home Into a Sacred Space. If you can come, you should, because it will be a party.

If you miss it, no worries, I'm putting all my treasures, photos and stories into new webinars for decluttering bedrooms, bookcases, fridge, enchanting work from home, and more. You can click 'Follow' here on Eventbrite to be notified automatically.

Most events are 'gifitivist', which means finances don't have to be an obstacle.

If you feel you want a change, even if you don't feel ready, no worries. Register here, and it will all work out. Even better, forward this post and share this event with your favourite messy person, and see what fun you can have, supporting each other and making your miracles happen.

I love answering your questions, so feel free to email me with 'before' photos, how you got stuck, and where you want to go from here.

Sacred spaces can feel elevated from the mundane, yet co-exist with your real-world life. Your stuff is still there, but not visible till you want to use it, and plenty of 'creative void' is present and protected. This photo is of my two sisters Sharon and Katie, doing yoga in my living room.

Sacred spaces can feel they are on the edge of two worlds: indoors and out, the present and the unfolding future.

Sometimes we just need the airiest screen. Creating borders and boundaries can make pop-up sacred spaces in the midst of whatever life you already have.

Dappled light creates that otherworldly effect that can lift you out of the mundane.

For instant dapples, pull together a cozy 'introvert time' spot under a nearby tree.

Find out how to look after yourself and each other, and get those upward spirals of simple pleasures happening. It's the surest way to create a better word.

Hope to see you on Sunday!

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