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Chrismas Can Be Perplexing. Manifest a Festival Just Right for You.

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Cecilia's brother immersed in the complexities of Chrismas

Christmas can be perplexing. It can also be a festival where we upgrade each other's lives, see each other in a new light, and get a thrill from making each other shine and sparkle.

We can be designers of the world we want to live in

A good way to start evolving your Festive Season is by separating in your mind all the things you love and don't love about Christmas. Write it down. Tell someone. Once the words are put out in the world they have a kotodama, a soul of their own, and the manifesting begins.

Cecilia's lilly pilly Christmas tree in her inner Melbourne Share house

Things I want more of

Street cricket with family & cool neighbours

Brandy butter on everything

Create something as a family: backyard blitz!

American Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, pecan or pumpkin pie, bitter greens, maple yams, cornbread, gravy

Learn the lyrics to the Chrismas in Australia song and sing it together

Everyone colour coordinated, for photos. We can be a rainbow!

Giving at least one fantastic present that will upgrade someone's life.

Jagermeister or other fairytale drink of aromatics mindfully sipped

I gave my niece Japanese cat-socks, she was so happy she yelped. Here she is, drawing me with her new pencils.

Things I want less of

Political conversations that go nowhere

I could be cheeky and provide a pen and notepad with 'Opinions here, luv' as a title. Just hand it to each other when needed. 'Settle Petal!', said with a truck driver accent is a great, cute line for when conversations get too hard-core.

Messy cooking in a hot, cluttered kitchen.

People could be sent an interesting, do-able recipe in advance, and prepare it ahead. Depending on who's house it is, I could arrive early and do a declutter, and re-clutter when we all leave, if clutter is their choice for now.

Disposable packaging, disposable anything.

I could make and send them a video on how to use furoshiki wrap. (Whats a furoshiki? Join the webinar, we will show you)

Used dishes, and discarded wrapping paper strewn around.

We could appoint dishwashing assistants and floor monitors. We could pay and train keen children to do this with newly learned skills. Can you rent kid-size maid and butler cosplay uniforms? What a memory that could be.

Spectating on present-opening under the tree

This is not everyone’s sense of comfort or fun. No matter how much we wish it to be.

Lots of people love this and the mess and excitement is the highlight of the day. I am not one of these people. I could let everyone know in advance I'll be doing gardening or dishes at the present ceremony time. Or I could see if they are willing to give gifts personally throughout the day, at select moments for deeper connection, slowness and savouring.

This looks so do-able. I'm already thinking of how it can be made real.

What are your wishes? We are all so different, and I'd love to hear.


Join us online for 'Less Stuff, More Merry: Re-imagine and Reset your Christmas'.

Sunday 29th November, and again Sunday 13th December, 2020

We will explore how to use the Japanese Five S method to declutter and reset your home, and other ways to generate value and surprise and connection.

As the day draws nearer, a few minutes of imagining what you want can lead to relaxing into a holiday season that's a good fit for you. Restful or as opulent are both good choices, whatever is required to have you light up and glow.

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