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Are You are Person of Vision?

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

People say there is nothing interesing in Surfers Paradise. I know thats not true, because there is this rat. He lives on the tarmac.

A concrete rat. How wonderful. Once day somebody glanced down and saw something nobody else had noticed. So he added a few strokes with a marker pen, paws and whiskers, and the rat got more real.

What a generous thing to to.

We all see things that aren't there yet. Mostly, thats not a blessing. Some of us see threats that will never come, some hear insults that aren't there, and all of us collect eveidence, get confirmation that our pre-existing biases are right, and this makes our lives small in its own way.

Some of us, like the mouse-drawing man, see things that weren't there, and brought them into being. Lovely things.

I see lovely things before they are real. Gardens, costumes, meals, friendships. I fill in the details of the visions later, and then everyone can see them, and touch them, and say 'this is great!'. Usually when people get older and have more dissapointment under their belt, they envision lovely things a bit less, and scary things a bit more. Im no exception. But I could change this if I'm purposeful. An evisioning routine might help. Like saying prayers before bed in my childhood. We are all people of vision. Tomorrow I'm going to think of the concrete rat, and gaze right back at my envisioning. I might get a surprise.

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