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Cecilia Macaulay

Zen Declutter

ADHD Home Coaching

Togetherness Design

If you are spending your life making the world a better place, you'll need all the allies you can get. I'll help you modify your physical environment so it is beautiful & useable, in a way that goes with, not against your character.   Everything will be findable and valued. You get a whole new culture of effortless effectiveness that good people want to be part of. 

I’m powered by a deep familiarity with  Japanese culture and Permaculture ecosystem design.

We are all like gardens, in our bodies minds and spirits. We cannot be controlled, (for long), but to be cultivated is something we can love. 

My Services

Find out about Cecilia, and her big-picture ways to make daily lives lighter.

Apply for hands-on declutter coaching 'Clear the Decks for New Love'

If you find yourself stuck, I can get you started with a way forward

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