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Accept all advice

After a lovely lunch under Gardenfarm's big tree today I was whining 'I've got nowhere to wash my hands'. 'Wash them in the vase of roses' said my 10 year old nephew. So I did.

When you act on people's advice, three things happen: 1. Your relationship becomes warmer, without you having to do anything. You are now one of their 'followers' so they care what becomes of you.

2. Your life expands, as you do things you never would have, and find them to be good.

3. They feel their ideas are valued. Praise is so cheap. Turning other people's ideas into reality is the ultimate compliment on their wonderfulness.

Receiving can be just as important as giving. How many hundred times a day to I have a better idea about how to run the world? How many times does someone else have a better idea than me? I really have to work on adjusting this ratio.

So next time somebody gives you advice, accept it, and see what happens.


Do you have any advice for Cecilia? Send me a message. I might get a whole new chapter in my life, all because of you.

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