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Get the humble things right, and life transforms

Our food storage is an eloquent metaphor for how we let our personal lives become: overcommitted, stale, the flow aint happening.  We hang on to things we don't really want, and they stop us from seeing the good stuff. If you want to become designer of your life, fresh and colorful, practice on your fridge first. Its easier. 

Sunday October 23rd,
Shizuka Ryokan Hepburn Springs


'How you do Anything is how you do Everything'

This unique half-day workshop has an impact at two levels.

The implementer in your gets a blueprint for a fridge and pantry revolution. Cecilia's method provides a structure that even naturally messy people find addictive. When you open your fridge or pantry, instead of chaos and disappointment, colourful fresh food will be calling out 'Eat me!' The things you want are accessible and seeable.  Mealtimes can become a healthful, soul-soothing part of your day. For most of us, this is a big step forward.

The big-picture thinker in you comes away with a framework for reducing friction and waste in any aspect of life that's important to you: Cecilia's re-interpretation of 5s. This system was made famous by Toyota, masters in being flexible and low-waste. When you get stuck in life, you will start thinking of Cecilia's 5 's' actions: 'Separate', 'Subtract' 'Shine'...and you will know exactly what to do next.  


Be inspired, have fun, and come away hopeful, playful and strong. The skillfulness you see in your fridge becomes a skill you are ready to apply to everything in life. 

You'll identify the precise obstacles that create discouragement and frustration, and never put up with them again. 



"What's special about Cecilia's way is that their is absolutely no judgement and you come to realise that their are so many people feeling overwhelmed and stopped like I was.”

- Anne Tindal, South Gippsland

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Here is what you will gain from this event

- A big laugh about your fridge fossicking and pantry shenanigans, and know there is a bright new future for your food and yourself. 

- Enjoy Cecilia's inspirational slideshow, with real-life stories of turning scary fridge into satisfying fridge, and lost food now findable.

- Design principles that are fascinating, fun and stay with you for life: '5s from Japan, Zones, Reduce useless Diversity, make families of objects, creative void, and more.  

- Have a hands-on, experience of re-arranging containers and produce to be works of art in themselves, optimized and hope-inspiring.

- Learn how to communicate this new fridge culture to your family, and inspire them into habits that will become second nature.

"After Cecilia's online workshop, I just wanted to put things in the right place, right away"

- Anne Tindal, South Gippsland

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