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#June 2018 NOW 

Its like waking up in a butter commercial, every morning. I look up and see fluffy sheep drifting over the hillside, with sunbeams silhouetting cows as they chomp of the frosted green grass. I can almost hear the music of a Pixar animation in the background. 

A few months ago I had to pack up my inner Sydney Permaculture paradise. I knew there were plenty of lovely homes, happy to be 'Cecilia-ized'. So I asked the universe (a.k.a. The Internet) for a place for myself and my 'ecosystem' move to, cat and all.  Here I am now in Gardenfarm, South Gippsland, with the beginnings of a dream team, making cool Permaculture adventures happen.  

Current Quests:

  •  Cecilia-ize Gardenfarm making it user friendly, gorgeous, and enlivened by wonderful people (Almost done)

  • Cecilia-ize select homes and farms, refining the process and training helpers. What a thrill, to see that special exotic blend of Japanese culture and Permaculture gifted to a world that needs it. Even if the world doesn't yet know it.  

  • ​Do the same thing with workplaces: clear, creative and user-friendly. We won't call it Cecilia-izing though, we will call it Lean, The Toyota Way.  Because amazingly, thats exactly what it is. 

​Nothing engaging and worthwhile gets done alone. If you hear a little Pixar-style voice in your head beckoning you,  it could be exactly the right time for an interlude, aligning your lovely quests with ours. Come visit Gardenfarm, for work or stay & play. Invite Cecilia to get the dream happening in your workplace or home. I travel.  Join me on Facebook, and barrack for me as I attempt to do things I don't yet know how to do, and hopefully make everyone's world a bit better. 

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