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“I was just having a conversation about how Permaculture will never make it to the mainstream. Then I turn around and see the end of Cecilia’s presentation, and I say ‘“I was wrong there.” “

David Holmgren, Permaculture co-originator,

Sustainable Living Festival 2008 Melbourne

“That was the most inspiring permaculture presentation I’ve seen in the last five years’

Sue Dennett, David’s partner,  

on Cecilia’s  Urban Permaculture presentation,

Australian Permaculture Convergence 8,  Melbourne


Thank you. I liked the calm, respectful way you educate.

I found useful:

  1. 1.Not labelling things as good or bad

  2. 2. Zones

  3. 3.the interaction in all living things

Every word you uttered was a message from above.

Please come back

Yvonne Penn

Permaculture South

"We all loved Cecilia's presentation.

It was very inspiring and extremely well illustrated.

It was great that Cecilia gave it a very personal character by talking to different people all over the world, telling their lives and showing their beautifully created balconies.

I am actually thinking of getting her to present at our next Public Environment Forum on sustainable and local food."

Sandra Mac,

Sustainable Living Festival

‘Feast’ Co-ordinator

Moonee Valley Sustainability Officer

Loved the 'Zones'.

I go home tonight knowing that from tomorrow I will make a big effort to not nag my hubby and look more at the positive.

Nagging doesn’t work anyway!

I would have loved though to get one more really detailed topic... so that I can go home and apply it straight away : )

Your presentation was great.

R. D.

Random Impressions, from Carins, Tokyo, Gifu, Melbourne, Sydney, Yokohama.

What I saw was inspiring .

Your way of looking at life, our surroundings & the systems that affect us, that create blocks to change or blocks to being effective, is a unique perspective - at least for me.


Your idea is so cute, and full of love. I was inspired again and encouraged from your presentation. Dream is not only a dream but has a power to realize

Thenkyou so much

With love and peace

Kyuichiro Kono

I learnt:

Design with understanding human strengths and weaknesses

People love finishing things

Reduce useless diversity

Trust the System

Pillow wood!


It’s amazing that the idea of Permaculture is from the forest.

I really think Permaculture  will be world wide like whole earth forest. Beyond of border, culture.


I enjoyed your lecture                            

 I am not good at make good connection with people, and I usually want to avoid it.  That’s my personality.

 But, after I had  your lecture , I thought I want to change myself .

Thank- you so much.  Your story , smile and aura make me  want to enjoy my life and be pro-active, get things enjoyably.

My dream: I want to make home party with cooked vegetables and herbs which grew up at my garden one day.

Y.F (Female)

Interesting Approach to human relations based on Permaculture principals.

I loved ‘Permaculture’ for the house Zones 1 - 5

I would love to hear more about the Arabian watering system

I loved ‘Fluffy’ soil and people!

Thanks for your energy and inspriation.


Hi Cecilia

I loved the idea of integration and sharing. That every thing should be shared lovingly.

With skill and observation we can make all areas of human interaction beautiful.


I’m new to permaculture so this talk was inspirational.

I loved all the illustration.

I loved your positive attitude, it really sparked some thoughts.

Design is just soo much more!


Cecilia - just love your outlook on life. I need to think about the 70% is full enough.


I loved everything -

Japanese Farmer and his orchard - growing rye as a mulch

organizing and finding

Making time for things we love.

I loved your positive attitude, it really sparked some thoughts.

Design is just soo much more!


I will bring home:

Think of design

Be happy

Look wide


"Cecilia provides a refreshing, new approach to Permaculture.

What she does is attractive, and honed in on connecting people, the social side of Permaculture.

Through Cecilia's work, people can see a way they can move forward, make a difference in the world. Especially people who are trapped within an urban commercial setting.

Her approach is a pleasure, and a very useful tool in our toolbox."

Geoff Lawton, 2011

World’s most prolific Permaculture Teacher and Designer

“Id like to acknowledge 4 people. One is the world’s most unlikely Permaculturist, Cecilia Macaulay.

The permaculture Fairy.

Every time I open a magazine, there she is.

One day she will put permaculture on the cover of Time Magazine”.

Bill Mollison

Co-originator of Permaculture

From Keynote speech,

Australian Permaculture Convergence, Cairns 2010

“Cecilia Macaulay was the perfect presenter to close the Feast program at the Sustainable Living Festival. 

Her presentation on ‘Edible Balcony Gardens’ was quirky, visual and engaging, and as the last one for the weekend, a great way to go out – uplifting, inspiring and positive. 

She shared stories, tips and some beautiful images of the many possibilities of even the smallest urban space.  We hope to see her back again next year!”

Melanie Chan

Melbourne Sustainable Living Festival

Cecilia has the fey air of the Irish,

the Aussie ingenuity,

and the grace of the Japanese.

She is intelligent, perceptive, and works hard at making a contribution.

I have known her and her family for 17 years now, and enjoyed seeing the Macaulay’s paths unfolding.

Edward De Bono,

Author, Creativity expert, and originator of

‘Lateral Thinking’


Thank-you for your  interesting story today.

I learnt  it is important that take care of nature and take it in one’s life.

I want to tell about it to children who came to camp when we walking in the bush.

Yama-chan, 61 years old.


What I got out of today:

It is quite a fresh take on  Permaculure for me, that its ‘ethics’ is not just  about how we relate to nature, but how we relate to each other, especially the communication tricks. Particularly, when I need to tell people that they are annoying me, I can do it obliquely, with some joke, without confronting them. I think it’s a good idea. Thank-you very much.

M.N (Female)

I was thinking that Permaculture is from farm type.


You are so great!! I like you so much !!

ありがとう。 全部勉強になりました。

Thank-you. Everything was such valuable study.

I’ve got inspirations like this

 Getting started

 Finding ways to share things I’m not using.

I learnt from you I can do soon , I need preparation myself.

I had become people who control myself, who continue my life I can do.                   

I agree your ideas which  to live naturally, to share leaving things.

I think it’s wonderful that I could be a good designer who can make everybody happy. 

M.H (Male)



Thank-you very much.I think the most important thing of Permaculture is design.

I am going to live my life merrily,with Permaculture ideas, with my friends in Shimabara .

Please come again to Shimabara to eat YUZU.   




I had a good time with you and your stories extended from about nature to human relationship.

I was wondering that why my daughter has never got angry. But I realized about it after I’ve got your lecture today. I think there are some reasons. Under the inspiration of my daughter’s life style. Respect each other,expect the spread of life. I want to live like that.

Ive already started simplifying my house, and gave away things away, just two weeks ago.

Learn from the forest, apply to home. Do the things that are within my power to do, little by little.

K.M (Female)

I’m yearning for the Permaculture life. Achieve one by one.

There are only a few books and information about Permaculture.

Now I’m planting fruits tree around my house such as Bananas, pawpaws,figs etc…

I yearn for natural agricultural system ( without fertilizer).

I don’t know how the details of how to make good soil. I’d like to know more about everything.

I hope to see you again. Thank-you.   

T.M (Male)

What I found inspirational:

I also enjoy culture side of Permaculture, much more than the

Agricultural side of it, and it’s ok!!  I think too much emphasis is

placed on the agriculture aspects in Japan.

It was exciting to find out that I’m already put into practice so

many aspects/ ideas of Permaculture in my life.

I enjoyed your workshop. Thank-you

Please come back again sometime soon…

With love & light                                                



Thank-you very much for wonderful story about Permaculture.

I learnt another way of Permaculture from what I learn in Fujimo.

I’ll try my own Permaculture in near future.

I’ve got the energy for it tonight.     


Akiko Tsutsui


I’ve got learned that ideas of Permaculture can be applied many

things in every living. I would like to try some of them especially

child rasing. 

Also , I will try to start (or restart) my balcony garden with a fish-


Many thanks for sharing your enchanty ideas and experiences.

One thing I admire is that your ideas are ,oftentimes ,realized,

Which is something I have difficulty. (I think a lot ,but do not act)


Chisato & Ayumu  Nakada

                 Very refreshing.

                 I like your take on Permaculture, with your emphasis on beauty

                 & the emotional effect it has on people. It seem that you are mainly

                 busy with zone 0+1.

                 Keep using your strength & just find a place & time that needs them.



 I liked the part  Cecilia taught about Zoning.To place things we use    

frequently  close by and organize your house.

And to make your plants special, grow rare plants.

In future, I want to be a farmer growing kinds that is going to extinct,

traditional Japanese vegetable.

Thank-you so much for your lesson!                          

        Miho Watanabe