Rain Catching Balcony Garden

Imagine the mega-cities of the future, with a private, self-watering Eden on each balcony.

By pestering all the clever people I know, we put together one that thrived and flourished.

My self-reliant, edible Eden catches and stores its own rainwater, cleverly watering plants using gravity, osmosis, and 2,000 year old desert technology.   More

Fuji Eco-Park Village

10 years ago I took a Japanese businessman to hear Permaculture’s Bill Molllison.

Afterwards  I drew a picture of a low-tech, eco-innovation Village, and to my amazement, we made it real.    More

Irish Ikebana

‘How you do anything is how you do everything’.  A forgotten potato  is reclaimed as a St Patrick’s day Ikebana arrangement.  Permaculture principles in action include ‘Value the marginal’ and ‘vision is seeing things not as they are, but as they could be’.   More

Inner Melbourne Share House

Shared life is lighter, once you know how.  For over 8 years, I ran this house as an experiment, using Permaculture Social design to create extremely high quality of life.

Japanese tea ceremony tricks, years of travel,  and good architecture are all helpful. A happy home has connectededness when desired, then space when desired. Its a kind of house tango, quietly thrilling.  More

Gothic Garden

This project was conceived to get young creatives out of nightclubs, into their gardens. Black & Purple potted edibles include blackberry, eggplant, kale, lily pily, Rosemary, black viola.   More

Edible garden in Mauve

It was shady, invaded by possums, and not mine to invest in. But once I gave up making excuses for not creating an edible garden, I got results.

Actually, I got miracles. The neighbours allowed me to replace the tree, and then to ‘borrow’ their land. The landlord paid for all materials, the possums relocated.  More

Asaba Art Square

For 40 years, Mrs. Asaba’s school has been allowing children to envisage a lovely world, then make it real.  Over 6 months we created  no-cost, edible jewel-box gardens.  More

Self-watering Courtyard

The enthusiasm of 40 plus volunteers created these ingenious self-watering gardens.  Cutting edge low-tech includes osmosis  watering, and persimmon juice to preserve timber.


Self-cleaning House

Willpower is not an energy-efficient method of getting things done.  With a re-design of cleaning equipment and routines, you can make housework so engaging that other people will start doing it for you.   More

Deluxe Wheelie Bin

We put our beauty in exactly the wrong places.  ‘Apotheosis with Possums’ was my entry for the Fringe Furniture Festival, with the theme ‘Baroque‘    More

Tea Ceremony in Daily life

Imagine life if you put Exactly the right amount of energy into getting things done: Not over, not under. Accurate.

The tea parties that entralled tough Samurai can bring us a fresh, effective mindset, cherishing each action. More


Balcony Guard Fish

You can’t get your innovations perfect first time. I knew the pond needed fish to keep mosquitos out. I forgot the overflow pipe would need a mesh cover.  How far did the goldfish go?   

Central Tokyo Food Forest

Ruu Ruu’s atelier and vast Jungle garden is 10 minutes walk from the worlds busiest crossing, Shibuya.

Over 5 months, 5 workshops,  we reclaimed the Zone One for her visitors & followers to spend time in.


Japanese Community Garden

Each house at CLCA  is home to  15 or so children, who enjoy boisterous, creative lives together. 

This edible artists garden is designed for their mothers.   Get the ‘Soil’ supported and healthy, and everything flourishes. More

Swirly brick courtyard

The quality of your ‘floor ‘determines the quality of what happens on top of it. The Japanese know this. Farmers know this. Once I re-arranged the bricks to the swirly undulations I’d long desired,  dreamy things began. More

Kitchen De-cluttering

You come home tired from work. You stare into the quagmire of a full fridge and pantry.  ‘Nothing to eat here’ you say, and go out for take-away, again.

Permaculture Zones can change that.