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Vasili’s garden - T.V.

The Cecilia Episode

Vasili the Greek visits our Japanese-flavored Urban Peramculture home, and gets to expand his culnary horizons. Persimmons, Daikon, lotus root and salty umeboshi plums are some super-easy basics you could be growing and then relishing yourself.   ...  Video

The Age Newspaper

Growing trend for palatable shapes in shared living

Marika Dobbin June 13, 2009

EDIBLE plants grow in every cranny of Cecilia Macaulay's North Melbourne sharehouse. Passionfruits spill from the balcony. Herbs carpet the courtyard. Fruit trees shade the front and back gardens, where every available spot is filled with vegetables ...  


Ashahi Newspaper

Sazanami Yukiko August 2010

Permaculture, what is it?

A design idea you can use in Everyday life, borrowing nature’s rhythms to get things done without extra effort.

PDF Japanese

Kanagawa Newspaper

Akiyama Risa May 2010

Introducing a  ‘Close to Nature’


“I hope to popularize Permaculture in Japan” says Miss Macaulay....

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Peppermint Magazine

Balcony Dreaming

Jessica Lawson

As Cecilia sit’s, eyes gently closed, her nose directed slightly to the sky and her rose lipsticked mouth smiling a huge, Kylie-style smile, it is easy to see this woman is filled with grace and passion  

...  PDF